10. Colonel Claus Is Coming To Town! ♪

Digital Gachapons, Panasonic’s at your door and Amazon “Towers” over the competition! Plus, a couple of fun train stories, Christmas in Japan & a brief history of time, err, LINE. Celebrate the ho-ho-holidays with #ZettaiGeekDayo!

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Oh, He’s Making A Cake, Icing It Twice, Gonna Find Out Whose Allergic To Strawberries… ♪

Tech News in Japan
Apple still lets video game developers keep their loot box odds a secret in Japan


Osechi (English)


板前魂 おせち 板前魂のタワーおせち 和洋中二十一段重

2018年おせち特集 – Amazon.co.jp


Main Stories
History of the Christmas Chicken in Japan

In always-polite Japan, KFC has low-smell fried chicken so you won’t bother people on the train

LINE (software)

How Japan’s Most Popular Messaging App Emerged From The 2011 Earthquake

Monkey Majik – Sendai / SEND愛

Original Two LINE Commercials: “Laugh” & “Cry”

Downfall of Japanese TV’s girl next door highlights wider industry sexism

Fun Stuff
Hypnotic moving map of Tokyo’s crazy rush hour trains almost makes them relaxing

JR Central’s commercial film – Xmas Express Series

(And the parody commercial… :P)

Christmas Eve – Yamashita Tatsuro (山下達郎)

Christmas Eve – Yamashita Tatsuro – Lyrics

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