12. Louie Louie, Oh No, Said We Gotta Go, Back To Ja-pa-a-an ♪

aibo goes for a walk at the Sony Store, the cool tech lucky bags this year & the incredible expanding suitcase from Muji! Plus, a word on that YouTube video and a word with my folks on tech, Japan & tech in Japan! All on this week’s #ZettaiGeekDayo!

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Tech News in Japan
全国のソニーストアにaibo 1月11日から

【Lucky Bag Roundup 2018】Akihabara Junk Shop Lucky Bags: Now with less junk!
【Lucky Bag Roundup 2018】Yodobashi Camera offers up a tablet box of techie dreams

Muji’s new expandable suitcase is perfect for Japan-based expats and overseas Japanophiles

Main Stories
Maxell QI iPhone 5/5s/SE Case (Amazon Japan)

(Not So) Fun Stuff
Japanese Twitter reacts to “Japanese Suicide Forest” video
Don’t be That Guy in Japan… or Anywhere Else – That Japanese Man Yuta
How I feel about what Logan Paul did in Japan… – Reina Scully

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