14. But I’ll Keep Pushing Back, Inching Closer To You, So Just Run, Run, Run ♪

docomo wants in on mobile payments, mineo wants in on iPhones and we all want in on the kotatsu! Plus, THE SOUND of Panasonic, retro games are new again and how to get to Tokyo for cheap! All this, with 20% fewer idols, on this week’s #ZettaiGeekDayo!

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Tech News in Japan
Tokyo’s most famous landmarks are even more beautiful after heaviest snowfall in years【Photos】

mineo (Japanese)
格安SIMのmineo、iPhone 7とiPhone 7 Plusの日本SIMフリー版を2月15日発売


パナソニック、スピーカー内蔵LEDシーリングライト「AIR PANEL LED THE SOUND」発売

Japanese movie theater with kotatsu seating looks like it’s the best cinematic experience ever

セガ サターン パッドがBluetooth対応で復活、まさかの実機用アダプタも。メガドラ・ドリキャス版も展示
Retro-bit brought brand-new Sega accessories to CES
New Bluetooth Dreamcast Controllers From Retro-bit Revealed

Main Stories
VIP Liner (Japanese)
VIP Liner (English [Auto Translated])

Momoiro Clover Z & Nangoku Peanuts = ♡♡
I mean, I sure wanna go see his dinner show, don’t you?

Momoiro Clover – Rough Style
Momoiro Clover – Ano Sora e Mukatte / Towards That Blue Sky

Fun Stuff
NextFrame – Tanaka_U’s Flash Game Website (Japanese)
Kanpou Shageki (“Naval Gunfire”)

【動画レポート】PLAY! TETRIS®TOWER – YouTube

Japanese cram school gives students permission to smash window, break into building on test day

25歳女性が常磐線車内で出産 JR東日本「記録も記憶もない」
Woman delivers baby on passenger train just outside of Tokyo

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