17. Stars In The Sky Were Curling, One Night Perfect For Twirling, The Night A Pac-Man Kissed A Ghost ♪

SoftBank hails a ride (share), CoinCheck checks in & docomo’s seeing double! Plus, how to watch the Olympics & cutting through the BS(/CS) of satellite TV. All this, & some “obligation chocolates”, if you’ll be my valentine on this week’s #ZettaiGeekDayo!

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Tech News in Japan
Didi Chuxing teams up with SoftBank for Japanese ride-hailing joint venture

Coincheck Users Pull $373 Million in First Chance Since Hack

ドコモの2画面スマホ「M」は買いなのか? 実機レビュー&コラムまとめ
2画面スマホ「M Z-01K」を5日間メイン端末として使ってみたレポート

Main Stories
Japanese TV show about draining ponds becomes surprise hit with viewers
Guide to BS/CS antenna direction (Japanese)

Fun Stuff
Godiva runs full-page ad asking Japanese women to stop buying so much Valentine’s chocolate
Japanese confectioner has firm rebuttal to Godiva’s anti-obligation chocolate ad in Japan

How To Watch The Olympics In Japan (Japanese)
And keep an eye out for any well-known plumbers playing curling…

NHK Olympics App (iOS)
gorin.jp (iOS)

Gamers can become Pac-Man with new VR attraction in Tokyo

「まるでオフライン対戦」 プロ選手が「ストリートファイターV」で下り10Gbpsを体験

Japanese senior stabs younger man multiple times after seeing him sit in train’s priority seat

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