02. I See Streams Of Green, New iPhones, Too ♪

Welcome to another episode of Zettai Geek Dayo! This week, we talk about Halloween & how television, in part, helped to popularize the holiday in Japan. And speaking of television, we discuss & compare streaming services from a wide variety of Japanese and International companies. A bit of news from the week, including another entry into the Japanese smart speaker market, and a fork that… well, you just have to hear it to believe it. And of course, the big question is: did I get my iPhone X preorder?! Check out this week’s episode of Zettai Geek Dayo!

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Halloween in Japan
Japan’s Infamous Halloween Trains
How Halloween Became a Thing in Japan

Here’s a couple of videos showing what it’s like in Japan on Halloween:
Halloween in Osaka
Halloween in Tokyo

One thing you will notice is that there are TONS of groups of girls (and some guys) who all wear the same costume. You see this wherever you go on Halloween. I guess it goes back to the whole culture of “not wanting to stand out”.

Universal Studios Japan – Halloween 2017 (Website)

Universal Studios Japan – Halloween 2017 (TV Ad)
“Nocturnal skirt at noon! × The greatest night at night!
Halloween like this, only in the world! …
Laughing all day, shouting, liberate yourself as it is, Super clean Halloween!”

Yeah… (The TV ad is worth a watch, though. :P)

Streaming Services

Abema TV
Tsutaya TV
Hulu Japan
Amazon Prime Japan
Netflix Japan
Twitch Prime Guide
Daniel Feit (@feitclub)

Tech News in Japan
Sony LF-S50G Smart Speaker
Nissin Foods Otohiko Fork
Nissin Foods Otohiko Fork (Video – Recommended Viewing :P)

文化の日 – Culture Day

I love my Apple Store (most of the time).
The past few years, though, it’s just been too busy… Apple really needs to build a second location in Osaka (maybe up north in Umeda?) or in Kyoto. It might help alleviate some of the traffic.

And some of you probably wonder what I’m saying at the beginning & end of the podcast, so…

“Yahho! Kaylee dayo~♡”
“Hey-hoo! I’m Kaylee!”

以上!ケイリーでした!バイバイ!(せ〜の。。。) 終了!
“Ijo! Kaylee deshita! Bye bye! Se…no…, shuryo!”
“That’s it! This has been Kaylee! Bye bye! (One, two…) Finished!”

And we are!

See you next week!