20. Netflix Eyes Are Watching You… ♪

LINE Pay adds bill pay, banks add QR code pay & TDK adds voice to a plant! Plus, toilet pictogram standards (Finally!) and how to scare your primary schoolers with an old TV. All this, and a ride on the sushi conveyor belt, on this week’s #ZettaiGeekDayo!

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Tech News in Japan
「LINE Pay」が公共料金の支払いに対応。まず電気代から

FamilyMart’s iOS App (Japanese)


Pictograms on Japanese electric toilets OK’d as global standard

Fun Stuff

Ok… Ill stop now… 😛

GoPro on sushi conveyor belt accidentally gives beautiful peek into normal Japanese life

Japanese elementary school students discovering “channel of the dead” on their TVs

Anime eyes cover Tokyo’s busiest station for awesome Netflix ad

Free PS3 And PS Vita Games Not Included In PS Plus From 2019

I really enjoy Run Jump Stomp’s SwitchCraft podcast. He talks all about Nintendo Switch news, and he did a great recap of the Nintendo Direct. Check it out!

Japanese women’s curling team becomes heroes thanks to talent and charm, wins 100 years of rice

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