21. Rest High Above The Clouds, Some Restriction, Games, Nintendo Bounced ’round This World ♪

GymKit’s here & 9-year olds we should fear! (Maybe…) Plus, you can climb aboard Lapras or the Sakura train, but your GoPro climbing on Sushiro’s a no go. And we chat about Nintendo’s coolest service EVER. Point your satellites to view #ZettaiGeekDayo!

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Tech News in Japan
Apple sets grand opening of new Shinjuku retail store in Tokyo for April 7th

ジムでApple Watchをフル活用できる「Gymkit」が日本上陸!早速体験してみた

Designer’s tweets during first trip to Japan perfectly show why it’s such a great place to visit
Marcin Wichary @mwichary

Net users floored by third-grader in Osaka who created and distributed a computer virus

Conveyor belt sushi chain where foreigner filmed GoPro video considers pressing criminal charges

Main Stories

Here’s a fun Satellaview Commercial

The BS Zelda Page
(This page is so old, it has a FRAMES & a NO FRAMES version!)

Here’s week one of the BS Zelda game as originally broadcast and found on NicoNicoDouga. This has English annotations, too! SO COOL! 😀

This is maybe the most comprehensive Satellaview video on YouTube.

Other fun Satellaview & Super Famicom resources include:

List of Satellaview broadcasts
Satellaview games from The Legend of Zelda series

サテラビュー BS-X Satellaview.org
Matthew Calls @superfamicom

Satellablogger. サテラビュー好きの外人さん

Fun Stuff
Seven Oops Official Site (Stylized as “7!!”)
7!! – 虹色 / Seven Oops – Nijiiro
7!! – 弱虫さん-7!! version- / Seven Oops – Yowamushi San
7!! – この広い空の下で / Seven Oops – Kono Hiroi Sorano Shitade
7!! – 世界を回せ!! LIVE / Seven Oops – Sekai wo Mawase!!

They’re fantastic! I hope you’ll give them a listen. 😀

6.6-foot-wide rideable Lapras sofa: The plushie Pokémon furniture adult fans have been hoping for
Let’s Go Riding On Lapras ♡

Sakura season 2018 officially declared in Tokyo as first cherry blossoms begin to bloom
Enjoy hanami cherry blossom viewing on the Ginza Line Sakura Train in Tokyo

See you next week!