03. Aibo, Aibo, To Tokyo I Go… ♪

This week, I take a look at a few transportation options on my trip to Tokyo, plus there’s drone news and pet news?! (The robot kind!) And of course, how did X-mas go? All this and more on this week’s episode of Zettai Geek Dayo!

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@kayleedayo (English)
@purplefuku (Japanese)

Super Sentai Spirits
Here’s a YouTube Link to a full length-ish Super Sentai Spirits concert!
(It’s gotten a *lot* bigger & better since this was filmed!!)

Birthday Song Official Website (Japanese)
Yes, that is the company’s name…
In case you’re interested, they post info about Spirits & other concerts they do!

Tech News in Japan
Candy-carrying drone crashes into crowd, injuring six in Gifu
NHK News: イベント中にドローン落下 6人けが 岐阜 大垣
Video of the drone crash in Gifu

Rakuten, Lawson begin product deliveries by drone in Fukushima

Tsum Tsum Land (App Store Link)

A Robotic Dog’s Mortality
Sony’s new AIBO pet robot goes on sale tonight in Japan
AIBO Official Site (Japanese)

Main Stories
docomo cycle

Smart EX (English)
Smart EX (Japanese)

Spigen Case (Too Hard)
ESR Case (Too Soft)
Owltech’s STD Case (…just right?)

See you next week!